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Albert A. Ghignone



Good Laboratory Practice Regulations

Product Id : FDB1225       Category : Food, Drugs & Biologics

120 Minutes

Description :

This web seminar presents an overview of FDA’s GLP regulation – 21 CFR Part 58. The FDA GLP regulation complies with all GLP requirements globally. This web seminar covers every section of the FDA GLP regulation, offers FDA interpretation and provides an understanding of nonclinical safety research on a global basis. The web attendee with obtain a foundation of knowledge about FDA, the GLP regulation and nonclinical studies.

This webinar is a must for those personnel that require an understanding of the regulations governing laboratory activities relative to nonclinical testing that support or are intended to support applications for products regulated by FDA.
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Areas Covered in the Session :
  • FDA's GLP regulations: 21 CFR Part 58
  • Objectives and concepts of GLP
  • Required GLP Studies
  • Responsibilities of different personnel
  • Data generation and evaluation
  • How to implement GLP’s
  • FDA interpretation of 21CFR Part 58
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Who Will Benefit:
A must attend webinar for:
  • Regulatory Affairs Personnel
  • Quality Personnel
  • Clinical Personnel
  • Research Personnel 
  • Laboratory Personnel
  • GLP auditors
  • GLP study directors
  • Manufacturing Personnel 
  • Legal Personnel
  • Auditors
  • Training Departments
  • Clinical Research Associates
  • Consultants
  • Personnel who require a general understanding of the FDA’s GLP regulation – 21 CFR Part 58
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For Live – How it works:
  • Login Information with Password to join the session, 24 hours prior to the webinar
  • Presentation Handout in .pdf format
  • Presentation from the Speaker
  • Q&A session with the Speaker
  • Feedback form
  • Certificate of Attendance
For Recording – What you will receive:
  • Login Information with Password to view the webinar, 24 hours after the Live webinar (link valid for 6 months)
  • Presentation Handout in .pdf format
  • Recorded session of the presentation from the Speaker
  • Feedback form
  • Certificate of Attendance (optional)
Speaker Profile
Albert A. Ghignone, MS, RAC is the CEO of AAG Incorporated. For more than 30 years his focus has been on FDA related matters in regulatory affairs, quality assurance and clinical affairs. He has expertise in dealing with all aspects of the FDA approval process for drugs, biologics, medical devices and generic drugs. He has worked in every major segment of the industry-research, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, manufacturing and clinical. He has been responsible for regulatory submissions, registrations, FDA liaison, clinical studies, compliance activities and FDA training. He also has expertise in the assessment of product and facilities for due diligence relative to FDA requirements.

He lectures throughout the world on numerous FDA related matters. He is a consultant to FDA and trains FDA Field Force (those who conduct FDA inspections) on GCP, GLP and GMP). In addition to training FDA personnel Mr. Ghignone also consults/trains for Drug, Biologic and Medical Device companies, US Army HIV Research Group, NIH AIDS Group, US Army Surgical Research Group and the Naval Medical Research Group. He is a member of the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society which elected him the 1984 Professional of the Year. He has served the society as Vice President, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

In recent years he has filed numerous FDA drug, biologic and medical device submissions for product approval. In addition he has been involved in two of the largest clinical trials conducted, the 8,000 patient clinical trial in Africa and the 16,000 patient clinical trial in Thailand.
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